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Award-Winning Biscuits & Brunch


30 Dallas Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life

The retro-inspired diner at The Statler hotel downtown has a gourmet coffee bar that turns Cuvee Coffee beans into a drink with your name on it — any time of the day or night. You might want to order the place’s famous biscuits to carb up your caffeine fix.  


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Best of Big d 2018

Best Breakfast: overeasy At The Statler hotel’s retro-hic diner, it’s easy to rise and shine. Graham Dodds brings a serious chef’s touch to grits, bacon, breakfast banana splits, and a chive-flecked omelet with a perfect feathery texture. Golden biscuits with buttery heft are slathered with local honey or Dodds’ mother’s berry preserves. 

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you want to eat the patty melt at overeasy

A pink-in-the-middle ground beef patty topped with sticky caramelized onions and gooey American cheese was sandwiched between two slices of butter-soaked Village Baking Co. sourdough. Yeah, sure, it’s not traditional. Rye bread and Swiss cheese were nowhere to be found. But the bar’s take on the American staple was delightful.

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6 new breakfast spots aim to entice early birds

Within The Statler hotel, this breakfast café serves “good vibes and strong coffee” day and night — as well as lunch, dinner and dessert. Culinary director Graham Dodds’ menu features his signature “3 Buttermilk Biscuits” dish served with mum’s preserves, butter and local honey, as well as brisket hash made with marble potatoes, sunny-side up farm eggs and crispy okra; and The Perfect Omelette with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and chives. 

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Five Perect Dallas Patty Melts

Time it right, and you will hear the freshly ground beef patty hiss-sizzle on the griddle as the sun rises. The patty melts sear as early as 7 a.m. at The Statler, which is an achingly beautiful time to switch the train tracks on a night of drinking. Gruyere cheese fuses to the patty. Caramelized onions intertwine with bacon jam. The seeded rye is steam-fluffy under a layer of toasted crust. Chef Graham Dodds' lesser-known dark magic spell is to brush mayonnaise over his bread in place of butter. Mayonnaise, it turns out, is the best butter. “We don’t really tell anyone that,” he says with a laugh. “It just crusts up and gets this beautiful color to it.” Mustard fries right into the patty, and as breakfast arrives on nearby tables, you’re eating one of Dallas’ best morning sandwiches.

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Meet the Farm-to-Table Patty Melt You Can Get In Downtown Dallas at 7 a.m.

Chef Abel Munoz, who ran breakfast service at the shuttered Wayward Sons, is in the kitchen these days at Overeasy. My patty melt shows up before lunch, entangled with caramelized onions and bacon jam. Gruyere cheese cinches close to the patty, and the seeded rye is fluffy and scorched in the right places. Dodds' lesser-known magic trick is to brush mayonnaise over his bread in place of butter. Mayonnaise, it turns out, is the best butter.

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10 Best New Brunches in Dallas–Fort Worth

One of several restaurant concepts inside The Statler led by chef Graham Dodds, this contemporary diner has a nod to the hotel's 1950s/60s past in its design, from the stools at the counter to group-friendly booths with views of Downtown. An all-day breakfast menu featuring several biscuit dishes mingles with lunch and dinner options, plus a full bar with creative cocktails.

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The Statler’s Overeasy Has the Soul of a Diner and the Ambition of a Chef

With Overeasy, The Statler laid a golden egg. They had the good sense to hire Graham Dodds, whose chef’s touches had been denied us since Wayward Sons closed last year. Now he’s back in the kitchen, sending out perfect omelets: clouds of eggs and Parmesan that have formed a spiritual pact with finely chopped chives. His are proper French-style omelets, creamy inside, the fluffy hull a smooth canary yellow without a hint of browning, as though they’ve somehow levitated out of the pan.

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Dallas–Fort Worth's Most Important Restaurant Openings of 2017

You can't go wrong with any of the biscuit dishes (featuring a roster of toppers, including sausage and gravy, fried chicken and bacon, roasted mushroom and shaved ham and over-easy eggs), but the brisket hash (pictured) with marble potatoes, eggs and crispy fried okra is a Southern-comfort dream come true.

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overeasy brings the Gravy to downtown dallas

Walking up to the Statler feels a bit like stepping into 1950s glamour — a feeling aided by the vintage cars parked strategically out front. Inside, '50s glamour meets modern chic. Taking cues from both midcentury modern design and present-day aesthetics, the Statler's redesign is certainly eye catching. Take a stroll through the marbled lobby to find downtown's hottest new breakfast spot, Overeasy. Once you try these biscuits, you'll see what all the buzz is about.

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The Statler Will Open Six New Restaurants Downtown Under Chef Graham Dodds

The iconic hotel that opened as the Statler Hilton in 1956 is making a dramatic comeback. And so is Chef Graham Dodds.

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Historic Statler hotel will add 6 restaurants and bars to downtown Dallas mix

Downtown Dallas' iconic Statler Hotel, which is under renovation, will open this fall with a flexible venue space and five new restaurants and bars, headed up by local chef Graham Dodds. The development has partnered with Dallas-based Epic F&B, LLC to concept and operate all hotel food service, including managing the restaurants, bars, catering, ballroom/event space, and room service.